Emmeline au Pays des Elfes
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Pays des Elfes
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First Act

The dark light of a polluted, disturbed and eventful city

Rise of the curtains

Musical opening ( at the rise of the curtain ).

Echoing of a big city’s atmosphere :
Horns, planes, trucks, cars, sounds of foot steps, dogs barking, people talking, screams, firemen, telephones, television news, sirens…

The narrator arrives from the audience :
- He sits on a bench at the front of the scene, stage right, facing the audience.
- An old woman, safe from prying eyes, quickly hands him a book.
- The narrator does not have time to react.
- Curious, he opens the book ( the sounds of the city slowly disappear ).
- The narrator starts reading out loud...

Image : it is the transition of a knowledge which perpetuates itself from generation to generation. It may be Emmeline, as an older woman, giving the book to a young man who will become the narrator of the story.


Once upon a time, in a very big city, a little girl went by the name of Emmeline.
She was a child who behaved well. She lived up on the top of a huge tower but there were so many clouds of smoke that she could rarely see the sun.
Her only light was music.
One day, she decided to go on the other side of the hill because an urban legend pretended that a luminous brook sprang out of it and that it opened the doors to the Enchanted Garden.